Ben Collins suggests 'Who Wants to Be the Stig?' reality tv show

Another day, another Stig story. But this one's a bit different. The now ex-white-suited BBC driver Ben Collins has suggested that Top Gear run an X-Factor style contest to find the next Stig. From his interview with the Telegraph:
"If I were working on the show I'd suggest they do a shoot out – a sort of Who Wants to Be the Stig? X Factor. People could turn up in balaclavas and they could all have a go."
Collins goes on to say that the producers would be acting "childish" if they choose to go forward without a new faceless driver, which we couldn't agree with more. But...

While Collins' idea could certainly make for entertaining telly, two issues come to mind: 1) People go on reality shows to become known, with the hopes gaining fame and fortune. Yet Collins resigned from his spot exactly because he hadn't received what he felt was his fair share. That's not likely to change with the next Stig. And 2) The reason the idea of the Stig is so successful is exactly because we don't know who he is. The masked man's skills have never been called into question because he is the ultimate impartial and unbiased driver. If we know his (or her) identity, his resume and what backhanded schemes he pulled off to land the top spot in a reality show, are we going to trust him? Probably not.

[Source: Telegraph]

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