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Now that we've learned who the winners of the Automotive X-Prize are, it's time to take a look at some of the less fortunate teams and why their vehicles didn't survive the grueling, four-month-long competition. Teams like American HyPower, K-Way, West Philly, Commuter Cars and others, dropped out of the competition long before the final Validation Stage. The teams encountered a slew of problems, but in the end, many simply failed to reach the level of refinement required to take home the crown. Here's a look at some of the issues that ultimately eliminated teams from the competition:
  • American Hypower - ZAMS: Knocked out of competition due to issues with a fuel tank provided by X-Prize officials.
  • West Philly Hybrid X (EVX Team) - EVX GT: Failed to properly recharge after its cord was unplugged.
  • K-Way Motus: Fell victim due to a lean fuel mixture that destroyed the engine during testing.
  • Commuter Cars Tango T600: Could not meet the efficiency level required to stay in the competition.
  • FVT eVaro: Vehicle overheated during testing.
There are many more stories, but these give us an idea of what could – and did – happen. So, what's it like to compete in one of the most grueling automotive competitions in the world, but lose? Well, X-Prize competitor Kevin Smith, team leader/engineer of Illuminati Motor Works, explains that losing is a disappointment, but the overall purpose of the competition was to promote cleaner cars, and that was something everyone involved managed to achieve.


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[Source: New York Times]

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