Ben "The Stig" Collins accuses BBC of bullying

Ben Collins, the artist driver formerly known as The Stig, is making sure he keeps everyone tabbed on his side of the story. Most recently, he has accused the BBC of bullying him when he informed them that he was writing a book about his years of anonymous lap times. Furthermore, he alleges that it was the BBC that actually gave away his identity in a piece for one of its own magazines, the Radio Times. After that, Collins says, he felt that his time in the white suit was tenuous and that he should "either jump or be pushed."
Collins' assertions appear a little shaky. The BBC article he highlights as "outing" him was a piece that took names from UK betting outlet William Hill to wonder about The Stig's identity. At the top was Damon Hill, next was Ben Collins and at the bottom was A Giant Wasp, so Collins as a potential Stig was already a matter of speculation -- at least with the bookmakers. As for the bullying claims, the BBC refutes the accusations. Collins says he was "hoping for the backing of his BBC bosses," but is anyone really surprised that the BBC wanted to keep a secret... secret?

[Source: Telegraph]

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