Report: Mercedes-Benz developing 'Magic' active body control

Mercedes-Benz has codenamed its latest suite of driver convenience aids "Magic," and the automaker will soon introduce a Magic Carpet Magic Body Control suspension technology and a Magic Sky Control roof tech. Sadly, there are no wizards nor Tinkerbells involved in any of this, just a whole bunch of electro-hydraulic and magnetorheological engineering.

Magic Body Control is the next generation of Active Body Control. Created with the help of ZF, the system of bushings atop the strut towers neutralizes wheel and body movements at two different frequencies. Daimler's testing indicates that MBC reduces 80 percent of unsavory suspension reverberations. It will show up on the S-Class and CL-Class in 2013.

Magic Sky Control will be seen as soon as next year on the new SLK. Working like photochromatic sunglasses that get darker in the sun, a magnetorheological glass offers a range of opacity from "near totally clear" to "dark blue." It doesn't alter the form of the roof and can be applied to any window, so expect to see this new development work its way through Mercedes-Benz's lineup. This technology could be used around a car's entire greenhouse and perhaps obviate the need for sun visors.

[Source: Inside Line]

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