Followup: Bad Habit monster truck breaks longest jump record

Bad Habit breaks a world record – Click above for image gallery

You know what they say; if at first you crash your monster truck in the pursuit of a world record, try, try again. Joe Sylvester, the owner and driver of the Bad Habit monster truck, has officially nabbed the world record for flying contraptions of that variety, sailing 208 feet through the stratosphere before touching ground on the other side. After the truck went nose first into the dirt during a test jump, Sylvester and his team put in 17 hours worth of work a day until the rig was back together and operational.

On his second attempt, Sylvester hit the home-built ramp at 75 mph and landed 197 feet down range. On his second attempt, the Bad Habit truck made a pass at 79 mph and touched down after flying 208 feet through the air. The jump officially surpasses the former world record of 202 feet set by the infamous Big Foot. Hit the gallery for a look at the high-flying action.

Bad Habit World Record Jump
Bad Habit World Record Jump
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