This is a spare tire cover painted by British contemporary artist Damien Hurst. It currently retails for £900. That's $1,390 based on current exchange rates.
You read correctly – a tire cover that costs over one thousand dollars.

Hirst's work is praised around the world, and this isn't his first dive into the automotive realm. Earlier this year, a Hirst-painted Audi A1 sold for over $527,000 at an auction held by Elton John. This tire cover is obviously art on a smaller scale, featuring Hirst's spin painting design. The cover itself is made of a high-quality stainless steel band covering the tire tread with a high-impact plastic central dish displaying the artist's work.

Need a fashionable way to spruce up the tire cover on your Jeep Wrangler? Have an extra $1,400 burning a hole in your wallet? Hirst's art-gone-four-by-four can be purchased now from Other Criteria.

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