Vancouver using 3D optical illusion to scare motorists into safer driving?

Safety organizations and the District of West Vancouver, Canada are joining forces to build awareness about careful driving during the start of the school year. Thanks the work of the BCAA Traffic Safety Association, drivers motoring down 22nd Street in West Vancouver will be met with a 3D image of a girl chasing a ball across the street. No one is saying exactly how the tech works, but it's meant to be a wakeup call for drivers who may be distracted or otherwise not paying enough attention to their surroundings while driving near school zones.
The display will be installed for just one week and cost a princely total of $14,400 (USD) to operate. According to The Globe and Mail, drivers will be able to see that there is something on the road as they approach the 3D image. Once the vehicle reaches a certain point, the image of the child and her toy will appear. According to the BCAA Traffic Safety Association, September and October are the two months with the highest child fatalities, and this exercise should go well beyond the typical awareness campaign. Here's hoping it doesn't trigger any panic-braking induced accidents in the process.

[Source: The Globe and Mail]

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