That's what the crew at Car Guide would have us all believe. According to the website, Toyota is looking to hedge its bets by producing a second model on the same platform as the upcoming FT-86. As the theory goes, If the two-door doesn't find the kind of favor the company is hoping for, it will at least have a four-door version to pick up a few sales. The site points to a shadowy Toyota executive as the source of the information, and it's even worked up a rendering to show the world exactly what the sports sedan could look like.
That all sounds reasonable and all, but we're still having a hard time swallowing this one. Toyota isn't exactly the kind of company to take huge manufacturing risks. With the development costs of the FT-86 shared with partner Subaru, Toyota would be looking at shoving quite a bit of extra money toward coming up with a proprietary four-door variant of the car. We just don't see that happening, even if we do like the idea of a more affordable rear-wheel drive Japanese four-door. Head over to Car Guide to have a look at the full rendering.

[Source: Car Guide]

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