If you want a job at Toyota's still under construction Mississippi assembly plant, you'd better get in line. In fact, you'd best fill out an application post-haste, because the Japanese automaker reportedly received 9,600 applications in its first week. Anyone surprised? Americans want and need jobs, and they're chomping at the bit for a chance to earn a steady income of $15 to $20 per hour.

According to Edmunds Auto Observer, applications came from 33 different states in the Union, with 8,000 of the applications originating from the state of Mississippi. David Copenhaver, vice president of administration at Toyota, reportedly told the Jackson Clarion-Ledger newspaper that the majority of the jobs will go to applicants who reside within 100 miles of the facility.

Nearly 10,000 applications in a week's time is plenty impressive, but it's not like they're applying for a handful of jobs. Toyota is hiring approximately 1,350 hourly and 150 salary employees to build the Corolla, with the chance for an even larger workforce if the automaker decides to increase production down the road.

[Source: Edmunds Auto Observer]

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