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Toyota to add 400 jobs in Mississippi for next-gen Corolla

$170 million investment replaces current production lines

Toyota will invest $170 million in a plant in Mississippi to build the next generation of its Corolla sedan, the Japanese automaker said on Thursday.

2014 Toyota Corolla and Tundra production underway

After months of leaked photos and speculative reports, Toyota finally unveiled its Chris Paukert

Report: Toyota gets overwhelming response for new hires at Mississippi plant

If you want a job at Toyota's still under construction Mississippi assembly plant, you'd better get in line. In fact, you'd best fill out an application post-haste, because the Japanese automaker reportedly received 9,600 applications in its first week. Anyone surprised? Americans want and need jobs, and they're chomping at the bit for a chance to earn a steady income of $15 to $20 per hour.

Toyota to postpone vehicle production at Mississippi plant

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US Prius assembly in Mississippi officially on hold

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Prius production heading to Mississippi, Tundra to Texas

Toyota's got some changes and rearranges underway with its North American facilities to better serve the demands of the market. The biggest news is that Prius production will be coming Stateside, which will help unkink the supply pipeline, if not also lower costs. A new facility in Blue Springs, Mississippi is being readied for the battery-pack-mobile, though the location was initially meant to turn out Highlanders. With consumer desires shifting with the rise of fuel prices, cranking out more P

Official: Toyota to build Highlanders in Mississippi

As expected, Toyota officially announced its plans to build the Highlander in northeast Mississippi. The company will invest $1.8 billion in the project and initially employ 2,000 workers. Toyota officials, along with Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (speaking in photo), made the announcement this morning at a press conference in Tupelo, Miss.