With the Paris Motor Show a mere month away, automakers from around the globe are unleashing a barrage of teasers and rumors that hint to what will be on display. According to Auto Express, Jaguar is the latest company to let slip what it has planned. The murky report says the Leaping Cat will pull the covers off of an XK-sized sports car inspired by the Porsche 918. While that likely means the concept will boast a fantastical hybrid drivetrain with more torque than sense, it doesn't mean that Tata is going to fast-track this car for production. Auto Express says the car is more to flex the company's styling muscles than anything else.
While that means we likely won't be seeing another sultry two-door in the Jaguar stable any time soon, the new concept will give us some insight into what's coming down the pike in terms of Jaguar design. That may include some new, oblong grille language to replace the slinky oval of the E-Types of old. Supposedly the company's designers are having a hard time maintaining the oval grille's proportions on the company's new widebody platforms.

[Source: Auto Express | Image: Zach Bowman / Copyright ©2010 AOL]

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