Report: Aston Martin Cygnet could come to the States

Aston Martin Cygnet – Click above for high-res image gallery

We aren't quite sure why the Aston Martin Cygnet exists. What was once an economical Toyota iQ is now a fuel-sipping Aston Martin (weird) with a lavish interior and a price tag that will make your heart skip a beat. We understand that vehicles like this work well in the congested, small-car-friendly cities of Europe, but it remains to be seen if microcars have a place here in the United States. The Smart ForTwo has proved to be a flop in the States, though we'll chalk most of that up to its unimpressive fuel economy and downright awful driving dynamics.

The U.S. is set to get a Scion-badged version of the Toyota iQ in early 2011, but a report from Automotive News states that Aston Martin could import its angry-looking Cygnet counterpart to our shores as early as 2012. It would share the same 1.3-liter gasoline powerplant as the Scion, though an electric-only version with a 60-mile range could arrive in 2013.

We'll wait until Aston Martin gives us the official word before we start jumping to any conclusions, but consider our outlook on a U.S.-spec Cygnet similar to that of a half-empty glass.

[Source: Automotive News – sub. req.]

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