According to the latest reports, Opel will be taking its name, not just its cars, to at least four new markets around the world. Standard practice has been to rebadge Opels as one of General Motor's other brands in countries outside of Europe, but company heads believe it's time to market Opel's European roots, especially in China.

The German automaker sold 4,000 cars in China last year, and to that end, Opel spokesman Andres Kroemer says "We will market Opel as a European designed car in the premium segment. There are a growing number of Chinese who like European cars and have the money to afford them." By comparison, Audi, a luxury darling in China with local production facilities, sold more than 130,000 cars, and it's clear that Opel's launch will eventually be followed up by local production in China for better competitive footing.

In addition to joining the world's largest auto market, the Opel brand will head to Australia and South America in the near-term, as well as other Asian markets after that.

[Source: Deutsche Welle]

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