Report: Ford Fiesta shipments flowing again after faulty part fixed

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The Ford Fiesta launch was supposed to be smooth as glass, but few complex plans go off without a hitch. The first samples of Ford's hot subcompact were stalled due to hazardous weather near the Mexico assembly plant where it's produced. Ford mailed out $50 MasterCard gift certificates to stave off its increasingly impatient order holders, but unfortunately the delays aren't over. The Fiesta had more problems in the last week, but this time Mother Nature had little to do with the delay.

Automotive News
is reporting that a quality problem has further postponed some Fiesta shipments, which means already waiting buyers will have to wait a bit longer. Ford President of the Americas Mark Fields declined to say which part caused the delay, but sources at AN say that a faulty seat lever is the culprit. The Blue Oval claims that the issue is now fixed and production has ramped back up in an effort to meet demand. Ford further says that it is unlikely that any defective parts have made it to customers.

While we're sure that Ford management is less than thrilled with the hiccups in the Fiesta launch, Fields summed up the situation by saying, "The great news is that we have a product that is in really high demand."

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[Source: Automotive News – sub. req.]

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