Ken Block preps for the ADAC Rally – Click above to watch video after the jump

They don't call it the World Rally Championship for nothing. The globe's best and brightest descend on the pinnacle of the rally sport to duke it out all over the planet, and while Ken Block hasn't fared as well as predicted this season, he's at least made it to the point where he can step into the ring. Right before Block took to the ADAC Rally in a new Focus bruiser, he sat down to answer a few questions from the likes of the crew at 0-60 Magazine. At the time, Block had never ran a tarmac WRC rally and was busy practicing the wheels off of the new car.

That practice served him well. For the first time, it looked like Block was going to land points with a ninth place finish over all until the car's alternator died on day three, effectively banishing him to the back of the pack once more. There's just no beating bad luck. Hit the jump to watch the interview for yourself.

[Source: 0-60 Magazine via Cold Track Days]

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