We were hoping our friend Jim Motavalli had dug up a gem when he wrote at BNET that Fisker Automotive would be providing "test cars to journalists as early as October." We tried to get confirmation, but Fisker spokesman Russel Datz crushed our hopes by saying, "We haven't announced anything." Still, these drives will need to come soon, especially if Fisker wants to hit the sales targets Datz gave Motavalli during his visit to Fisker HQ in Irvine, CA.

Those targets are:
  • 2011 sales of the Karma plug-in hybrid: 14,000-15,000 units
  • 2013 sales of the Karma: 15,000 units
  • 2013 sales of the upcoming Nina PHEV: 100,000 units
  • Number of Fisker models on sale in 2016: Six
We know Fisker has missed deadlines before, but Datz told Motavalli that, "Everything is going great." Motavalli writes:
I asked Datz to tell me something he hadn't told anyone else, but his mission remains to keep the press at bay until the curtain is raised. Datz has told me that the company feels it has one shot at first impressions, and it doesn't want to blow it with a half-baked car. I understand that, but the schedule now ensures a cliffhanger - we get to see the car just before it goes on sale.

[Source: BNET]

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