Morgan Eva GT sketched ahead of Pebble Beach debut

Britain's Autocar has been given a first look at a sketch of Morgan's Eva GT, the coupe that the firm plans to unveil at Pebble Beach this weekend. The details and photo Morgan released earlier this year made it obvious that the Eva GT would be on the modern side, and with this sketch we can amend that to mean and modern. Even allowing for the tendency of sketches to be more aggressive than the genuine item, the Eva GT doesn't look like it'd be out of place in The Joker's garage.
Powered by a 306-horsepower BMW inline six cylinder and weighing in at 2,755 pounds, the Eva GT should move at a decent clip. Morgan also claims it should gets around 40 miles per gallon. Awaiting delivery, though, will need patience: Morgan is accepting deposits now, but the Eva GT won't end up in your driveway until 2012.

We'll bring it to you live from this weekend's festivities in Pebble Beach, and we'll see whether it can really fit four people, so stay tuned.

[Source: Autocar]

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