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With the recent introduction of several new models featuring modern, clean diesel engines, many buyers in the UK have decided that it's finally time to give diesel a try. For the month of July, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reports that vehicles equipped with a diesel mill have outsold their gasoline counterparts for the first time ever in the UK. As the numbers show, diesel cars accounted for 50.6 percent of new car registrations in July, whereas gasoline vehicle purchases dropped off by 13.2 percent, now representing less than half of all new vehicle sales. Additionally, sales of advanced technology vehicles shot up by 53 percent to capture 1.4 percent of the UK's new car market.

As the SMMT reports, the economic recession has hit the UK quite hard and motorists are now looking to save money in any way possible. The diesel's remarkable fuel efficiency, which in most cases beats its gasoline counterparts by 15 to 20 percent, helps cash-strapped citizens of the UK save some coin at the pump while also cutting down on their emissions and fuel usage. As we see it, diesel is a remarkable interim choice before shifting over to zero-emissions vehicles, but most U.S. car buyers still disagree and remain glued to gasoline. Hat tip to Andy!

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[Source: Daily Mail]

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