A group of pet-minded folk in the UK have good news for dogs in London. A new start-up has taken it upon itself to forge ahead into the blossoming canine ice cream market by rolling out a van devoted to serving up cool treats to man's best friend. The K99 ice cream van stocks just two flavors, though the company says that both were developed by scientists just for dogs. The first, Dog Eat Hog World, is a gammon and chicken sorbet with a biscuit on top, while Canine Cookie Crunch simply has dog biscuits mixed in with the ice cream.

According to The Daily Mail, K99s team of scientists had to work to find flavor combinations that dogs would love while balancing temperature concerns to make sure that the treats were safe to eat. The best news is that the pup ice creams are available for a small donation to the Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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