Video: Helio Castroneves loses his head at Edmonton

Helio Castroneves tangles with security – Click above to watch video after the jump

IndyCar got a little more exciting this weekend. Turns out there was a bit of a mix-up during a restart at Edmonton with just a handful of laps to go that caused Helio Castroneves to incur a penalty from the powers that be. Officials were of the mind that the Brazilian driver intentionally blocked Penske teammate Will Power and ordered Castroneves to pull through the pits as punishment. By this time, Castroneves has secured first place and was within spitting distance of nabbing the checkered flag. But the driver didn't feel like cooling his heels on pit road, opting instead to finish out the race.

Officials stripped Castroneves of his checkers and handed the win to Scott Dixon instead, which had the effect of setting the penalized racer off like a powder keg. After a lengthy tirade, Castroneves marched himself over to the winner's circle with the intent of tying Dixon and anyone else who got in his way into a bow. Security intervened, but not before the Brazilian took to shaking a guard by his shirt collar. How's that for racing? Hit the jump for the video. The action starts at about four minutes in.

[Source: YouTube via Yahoo Sports]

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