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Initially, reservations for the Nissan Leaf shot up rapidly as early adopters quickly jumped at the chance to own the breakthrough electric vehicle (EV). As the Leaf nears its release date, interest has dwindled a bit. Nissan currently pegs pre-orders at 16,300 in the U.S., a slight increase over the previously number of 15,000 reported at the beginning of this month, but still far short of the 25,000 expected by December.

As Nissan kicks off multiple advertising campaigns across the nation, the company hopes that the general public will take notice and warm up to the Leaf. Nissan will keep the reservation process open until the magic number of 25,000 is hit and is now focused on reaching out to find more hand-raisers. The company has gone to great lengths to spread the word by asking the folks over at Nissan-Leaf to "encourage folks to keep reserving the Leaf at" and stressed that "We are not sold out!" While the company hasn't directly asked us to help out, we do our part to promote the vehicles of tomorrow around here. So, if you're a procrastinator and have yet to reserve your Leaf, it's time to act before this hot EV is truly sold out.

[Source: Nissan-Leaf]

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