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This past weekend, Nissan opened up Leaf reservations to the general public, and although pre-orders have gone exceptionally well thus far, it's this new general public period that's of particular interest. It's safe to assume there's a significant difference between the early-adopters that registered for the Leaf earlier this year and those getting in on the action now, so the Average Joe market is key to the Leaf's success.

Since the opening of the general public reservation period on Saturday, Nissan has recorded an additional 2,500 pre-orders for the Leaf. This brings the grand total, as of Tuesday night, to 12,000 Leaf orders in the U.S. and 17,000 worldwide, a number that's only 8,000 shy of the end-of-the-year goal set by Nissan. Aside from the minor problem of not allocating enough capacity to cover the potential demand for the Leaf, Nissan has hit every target thus far and is well on its way to bringing its electric vehicle to the masses... so far.

[Source: Nissan-Leaf]

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