The initial surge for Nissan Leaf pre-orders has long since died down, but the company is still steadily racking up more potential sales, albeit at a much slower rate. The last time that we updated the Leaf's pre-order status, U.S. interest stood at 13,000 strong with an additional 6,000 claimed in Japan. Now, Nissan reports that more than 15,000 U.S. buyers have plunked down their $99 reservation fee and stepped in line for the Leaf. Combining the U.S. and Japan, pre-orders for the Leaf now stand well over the 20K mark.

Nissan also revealed a couple more tidbits that may be of interest to those who like to toy with some market analysis numbers. In regards to color, 29 percent of the recorded pre-orders have the Aqua Globe blue box marked off, with silver coming in a close second at 26 percent. 75 percent of those who placed pre-orders currently own a single-family home. 68 percent have an attached garage, which makes charging extremely convenient, while 18 percent have either a detached garage or carport. Though 15,000 pre-orders certainly sounds like success, potential buyers have assumed virtually no risk. When real money must be dished out, the Leaf's success story could take on an unexpected turn. Time will tell. Hat tip to Chris!

[Source: Leaf-Owner, Nissan]

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