It's only been 14 days since leaving their official starting point at Chena Hot Springs in Alaska, but the Racing Green Endurance (RGE) team has already driven through the largest U.S. state, the entire length of British Columbia and have crossed back in to America. Along the way they've faced long empty stretches of highway, at least one torrential downpour, a grizzly bear and many monster-like mosquitoes. Perhaps they'd arrived in the lower 48 a day sooner but for their first real breakdown occurring outside Vancouver – a blown fuse.

One important component of this trip down the Pan-American highway is its documentation by film maker Claudio von Planta, a significant aspect that was almost lost due to a lack of funding. Luckily, a friend came through with help at the thirteenth hour and Mr. Planta is with the crew, filming from a most providential seat.

After meeting at a BMW dealership somewhere in Alaska, the RGE crew ran into a fellow by the name of Rick Peterson who just bought a motorcycle on eBay and drove up to the last frontier after watching Planta's two-wheeled-trekking films Long Way Round and Long Way Down. Hearing about their effort, the vacationing helicopter pilot offered up the back of his bike as a filming location for the duration of the adventure. You can now watch video clips as they all make their way southwards on the Electric-Adventures website and follow the blog on the original RGE space. If you want to get a taste of the final product, you can watch the team's London to Paris run that preceded the current adventure after the break. We've also got some pictures of the car's stop in Vancouver, BC. Check 'em out in the gallery below. Thanks to Bartosz B. and the UBC Electric Car Club for the pics!

[Source: Racing Green Endurance / Electric-Adventures]

12-June-2010: London to Paris from Claudio von Planta on Vimeo.

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