The Racing Green Endurance (RGE) team had their all-electric Radical SRZero (SR0) officially approved for highway use a few weeks back and have been busy putting their road-legal status to good use. Seeing as they are an "endurance team" with sights set on traveling the entire 15,000 mile length of the Pan-American highway, what better way to work out any potential bugs then by attempting a few feats closer to home? None, we think. And so, encouraged by a successful two-lap trip around the London-encircling M25 Motorway that saw them travel a total of 264 miles, mostly at highway speeds, the team decided to move on to their next challenge: a London-to-Paris passage.

Considering that trip is in the neighborhood of 260 miles – if you take a ferry instead of the Chunnel – one might be forgiven for thinking that this adventure would be rather similar to the M25 trek, though perhaps with better food and scenery. In practice however, this less-than-best laid scheme seemed to go astray wherever possible. Just like the real world. Despite language difficulties, misplaced passports, and the realization that certain landmarks in this case, the Eiffel Tower aren't as easy to find without a map as one might expect, our intrepid team of electric endurance heroes did finally complete their mission. They even had a 10 percent charge left.

Be sure to check out their blog for an entertaining and thorough recounting of their international escapade. In fact, bookmark it as it's likely to both greatly amuse and inform once they set off on their most excellent roadtrip July 8th. Video of their double M25 attempt awaits you after the break.

[Source: Racing Green Endurance]

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