More On SSI Racing's Electric Hot Rod

What do you do if you're the type of car guy whose head screams "need for speed" but whose heart belongs to Greenpeace? The two are incompatible, right? Wrong: In Translogic Episode 4.3, we introduced you to Michael "T-Rex" Kadie, who proves burning gasoline isn't the only way to go fast. His 2SSIC Type 65 Electric Coupe currently hold three spots in the National Electric Drag Racing Association's (NEDRA) record books. Kadie's EV is essentially a Factory Five kit car that looks just like a Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, however, it's been converted to full electric power to compete in the NEDRA XS class. NEDRA began in 1997 and is loosely affiliated with the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). NEDRA members even lobbied for and got a rule change allowing electric cars to compete in NHRA events. "XS" stands for Extreme Stock and is similar to the NHRA's Stock or Super Stock class. NEDRA organizes its own events, sets rules and keeps records. Those records indicate that Kadie's 2SSIC covers a quarter-mile in 12.87 seconds and an eighth-mile in 7.62 seconds. Kadie's car may not leave behind the smell of racing fuel, but those are impressive numbers for any street-legal car.

Anyone can get a kit to build a Type 65 Coupe from Factory Five Racing, but it's a strictly build-it-yourself proposition with you supplying the engine and transmission, usually donated from a Ford Mustang. Buying an Electric 65 Coupe from Kadie and his SSI-Racing team means they build the car for you, while at the same time converting it to be fully electric. Options include extended range, touch screen or traditional gauges and your choice of drag racing, road racing or comfort suspension.

All SSI-Racing's Electric 65 Coupes come with self-leveling Ridetech air suspension. Kadie says the air suspension came to be not so much because he wanted a comfortable car, but as a result of a frightening incident on the race track. Electric motors generate tons of torque from even the first application of the throttle -- in 2SSIC this can be more than 1,000 lb-ft. This resulted in a spectacular wheelstand during a drag run that gave Kadie a moment of clarity: "I couldn't see the track," he said, so he came up with the air suspension as a way of allowing the car to squat more under full acceleration. A comfortable ride is just a nice byproduct.

Clearly not everyone wants to drive a street-legal race car, so Kadie and his team can build an Electric 65 Coupe to your preference, with the trade-off of less off-the-line power meaning an even longer range. Kadie says that compared to an 800 hp monster that only has a 60-mile range, a 300-hp car can go about 100 miles per charge. A basic but still very quick Electric 65 Coupe costs about $120,000, which may sound crazy, but that's about the same price as a Tesla Roadster, and the SSI car is arguably better looking and a little quicker from 0-60 mph.

SSI-Racing can also convert a car for you. Expect a conversion with a 100-mile range to cost between $20,000 and $30,000. For more information on electric drag racing events or purchasing an Electric 65 Coupe you can visit the SSI-Racing web site.

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