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The refreshed 2011 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class coupe is a prime example of how engineers are starting to take some of the disparate hardware technology that has been introduced over the last decade and integrate it to provide new functionality. The CL employs the various optical camera and radar sensors used for features like adaptive cruise control to help prevent accidents by first warning the driver and then intervening if the driver doesn't respond.

We've had various lane departure and blind spot warning systems for several years now and like those, the Mercedes system starts by alerting the driver. At first, the blind spot system illuminates a yellow lamp in the relevant mirror, which changes to red and adds an audible warning if the driver doesn't react. If the driver keeps moving into the path of another vehicle, a motor sends a rumble through the steering wheel and the brakes on the car's opposite side are applied to pull it back in line.

Inifiniti has had similar lane-keep functionality for several years, but the CL is first car we're aware of that integrates it with a blind-spot warning system.

  • CL 600 ( C216 ) 2010 Modellpflege
  • CL 63 AMG ( C216 ) 2010 Modellpflege

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2011 CL-Class Showcases Corrective Braking

July 14, 2010 - MONTVALE, NJ

The restyled CL-Class boasts two new safety features based on state-of-the-art radar, camera and sensor technology. Renowned as the flagship coupe from Mercedes-Benz, the 2011 CL-Class debuts Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Blind Spot Assist, both designed to help the driver avoid danger through corrective braking. Building on the innovative technologies introduced last year on the E- and S-Class, the CL-Class now showcases the height of safety technology form Mercedes-Benz including features such as ATTENTION ASSIST, PRE-SAFE Brake with automatic emergency braking, and Night View Assist PLUS with Pedestrian Detection. The 2011MY CL-Class will make its U.S. debut in
Fall 2010.

Active Lane Keeping Assist
Using a multi-purpose camera mounted in the windshield and a computer that analyzes the images, Active Lane Keeping Assist recognizes lane markings and alerts the driver by simulating rumble strip vibrations in the steering wheel (via an electric motor) if the car drifts from its lane unintentionally. Should the driver fail to react to this warning, the car intervenes by gently braking the wheels on the opposite side of the car. The unequal distribution of braking forces causes a yaw movement which helps the driver to stay in their lane. Active Lane Keeping Assist makes use of the existing ESP® (Electronic Stability Program) system to apply the brakes and maintain vehicle control.

Active Blind Spot Assist
The second innovation on the 2011 CL-Class, Active Blind Spot Assist, monitors both blind spots alongside the vehicle using close-range radar sensors. When a vehicle is detected, a yellow warning triangle is illuminated in the corresponding side-view mirror. Should the driver disregard this warning and activate the turn indicator, the warning triangle changes to red and an audible warning also sounds. If the driver continues to ignore these warnings and moves dangerously close to a neighboring vehicle, the system activates corrective braking intervention to the wheels of the opposite side of the vehicle. Like Active Lane Keeping Assist, the yaw movement helps correct the car's path or minimize the consequences of
a collision.

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