One would think that if Mercedes-Benz was really invested in keeping the upcoming 2011 CLS under wraps, it wouldn't be conducting an official photo shoot right outside of the company's museum in Stuttgart. Evidently, though, that's not the case. One keen-eyed visitor to the halls of Silver Arrow lore happened to spot a camera crew snapping photos of what looks to be an undisguised CLS, and was kind enough to share the find with Notícias Automotivas. It's the clearest look anyone has gotten of the reworked four-door yet.
As expected, the CLS now wears a more upright grille and plenty of familiar nose lines. That means more pronounced front fender flares and a smartly drawn hood are all part of the package now. The look is taken page for page from the same treatment the company spread onto its 2011 R-Class recently. Toward the rear of the car, buyers will notice more stylized quarter panels as part of an overall departure from the bubble look of this year's car – if anything, the new CLS doesn't look quite as swoopy, a bit less 'four-door coupe' than its trend-setting antecedent. While the outgoing CLS is plenty attractive as it is, we're still looking forward to seeing the new model in the flesh – even if it does look a bit more traditional. Head over to Notícias Automotivas for a closer look at the car. Thanks for the tip, Eber and Polandi!

[Source: Notícias Automotivas]

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