Rumormill: Alfa Romeo planning Giulietta Sprint coupe?

Connoisseurs of historic Alfa Romeos – which seem to be coming out of the woodwork now that the firm is celebrating its 100th anniversary – will recall that the original Giulietta came in a number of variants. A hatchback like the reincarnated model wasn't one of them, however.
The first of the Giuliettas was actually the Sprint, a two-door coupe that debuted in 1954. The sedan and Spider convertible (like the one we drove in Montreal) came along later. So with the new Giulietta hatchback already hitting markets around the world, speculation is already surfacing of a revival of the Sprint in a new coupe variant.

If you're thinking a two-door Giulietta would step on its baby brother's toes, you're not far off. The Mito was envisioned as part of a two-pronged approach to replacing the old 147. But with the Alfa GT in need of replacement, a Giulietta Sprint could help Alfa capitalize on the new platform which is also set to underpin a new crossover as well.

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