Nissan Leaf charging dock and installation quote – Click above for high-res image

Our most recent update regarding registration, ordering and the rollout of the Leaf showed a small delay in the ordering process. It still remains unclear whether or not the delay will impact the actual release date of the Leaf (unlikely) and Nissan keeps moving forward with the process by sending out charging dock and installation quotes to potential buyers, the next step in the ordering process. Price quotes follow within two weeks of having the home charging assessment step performed. After receiving a quote, potential buyers can accept the price and have installation of the AeroVironment charging unit performed at their convenience. Once installed, all that's left is actually order the Leaf.

As you can see from the quote shown above, the charging unit and installation fees come in right around the $2,200 price previously disclosed by Nissan and AeroVironment. We are a bit shocked to see that the charging dock comes in at just over $700, with installation accounting for most of the cost. Hopefully, all this indicates that everything is moving along smoothly once again.

[Source: LeafOwner | Image: Chris Hammond]

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