Nissan Leaf charging assessment – Click above to view subsequent notices

If you've submitted your pre-order for the Nissan Leaf and happen to reside in select areas of the country on the early release list, then chances are high that you'll be getting a notice from Nissan any day now. The notice should read, "home charging assessment now available in your area," as seen above. Woo hoo! Another step towards electric vehicle reality.

Nissan will ask you some pertinent questions, grab an additional $100 for the home charging assessment and pencil you into its books by setting up an appointment. The process seems seamless and simple, with several additional reminders sent immediately to track your progress and remind you of your appointment time. Now, before potential Leaf buyers get worked up over the additional fee, Nissan's not-so-fine print clearly states that the fee is "deductible from the total cost of the (charger) installation." The additional fee is simply another way to weed out those who aren't serious about buying the Leaf. We have to admit, so far Nissan has pulled this off with nary a snag and that's impressive to us. What are the next steps? Charger installation and then, finally, ordering! Hat tip to Christopher!

[Source: LeafOwner | Image: Chris Hammond - C.C. License 2.0]

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