Up until now, Nissan has managed the pre-ordering process for the Leaf without a hitch. From taking reservations to conducting home charger assessments, the step-by-step process of ordering the Leaf has moved right along with seamless precision, making Nissan appear rather well prepared to undertake the complex process of offering a breakthrough electric vehicle to the public. Prepared or not, we expected a snag somewhere along the way and it finally happened.

When Nissan opened up the ordering process several months ago, the company emailed those who placed a pre-order and told them to expect a detailed update regarding the delivery process of the Leaf by June 30th. As the initial email stated, "We will be in touch by June 30 with more details on your spot and how to begin preparing your home for your new car." Well, as June 30th came and Leaf aficionados eagerly awaited the update, Nissan sent out the notice pictured above.

Basically, the company states that it's still finalizing some details and will be in touch with Leaf buyers later this summer. Admittedly, the email is extremely vague and we're not entirely sure what to make of it. However, it does point to a delay in the process that could be attributed to the exceptionally high amount of interest that Nissan has received for the Leaf. It's likely that Nissan is still trying to figure out the rollout plan for the Leaf and to determine how to best meet demand with its limited production ability. For some, getting into a Leaf by year's end may no longer be possible, but we still have faith that Nissan will work out any kinks and deliver on its promises in a timely manner.

[Source: AllCarsElectric]

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