Google Open Spot app crowd-sources parking

For such a simple act of humanity, parking a car can sometimes be the single most horrendous act of your morning commute or that late night trip to Taco Bell the local mall. If only there was an easier way to know exactly where you'd be able to locate the perfect spot ahead of time, right?
Google hears your cries for help. The search giant has created a new application for its Android-powered phones (running OS version 2.0 or higher) that lets you know where people are leaving their parking spots. Google even makes a game out of it:
Start helping others find parking, and together we'll all save time, save gas, and reduce pollution. Like to keep score? The more open spots you mark, the more parking 'karma points' you'll get.
See? Not only can you find yourself that elusive parking spot, you can also save the planet in the process. Score one two for technology!

You've got questions and Google's got answers. Hit the source link below for all the details and to download the app.

[Source: Google Open Spot]

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