Going on a month-long road trip and only managing to eek out 150 miles per day demonstrates that electric city cars should probably not be removed from their natural environment. The BBC's Peter Curran is in the midst of 4,500 mile journey around Europe in a Th!nk City and needs to average that 150 miles daily to stay on schedule for a return to England by July 7.
Achieving that goal in the Th!nk requires an early morning start to get 50 miles down the road at a maximum speed of just 45 miles per hour. That stage is followed by finding a plug and then waiting three to five hours to replenish the battery before repeating the process two more times.

Along the way, Curran encounters people with various opinions on transportation. Among those are Greenpeace Germany's Wolfgang Lohbeck, who doesn't believe EVs are the answer for the foreseeable future because of high-cost, limited utility and a carbon intensive grid power mix. Lohbeck would rather see smaller, more efficient vehicles for now and a focus on mass mobility.

Meanwhile, Curran is continuing the journey with a stop at a Munich Tesla dealership and hopes to get back to the UK this week for a Brighton to London eco-rally.

[Source: BBC]

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