KTM X-Bow – Click above for high-res image gallery

According to reports streaming out of Italy, KTM is set to debut new versions of its X-Bow sportscar. Good news indeed, as the last we heard the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer was putting the brakes on its four-wheeled endeavors in the wake of losses due to the economic downturn.

If you thought 0-60 in under four seconds was plenty quick... well, it is, but KTM will still be upping power from the standard car's 237 horses to something over 300 for the new R model, which should put the X-Bow into the 3.0-second-flat range. With acceleration like that, the only things likely to beat you from stoplight to stoplight are on two wheels, and then only maybe.

If you don't need such mind-bending forces on your body and would rather pamper your posterior a wee bit, KTM is also said to be working on a T model. We'd guess that moniker would stand for Touring, as the machine is said to be equipped with such niceties as an actual windshield. Time for a cross-country road-trip, no?

[Source: Autoblog.it via Motor Authority]

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