Top Gear's new reasonably-priced car is... the Kia Cee'd?

Get your torrents warmed up! The new season of Top Gear finally airs tomorrow night in the UK (don't even get us started on why BBC America is still running something like season 7 right now), and the boys are unveiling an all-new reasonably-priced car.

The old Chevrolet Lacetti has been sent of off to the scrap heap and it looks like Richard Hammond gets the honor of pulling the sheet of the new car. Someone snapped a pic during rehearsals this week, and we've got some clues as to what the new star car might be.

The best guess appears to be the compact Kia Cee'd, a decent-looking little hatch that's not available in North America. The general shape and the lights seem to be a pretty good match, as are the wheels. We still don't know who this week's celebrity hotshoe will be, but we'll be checking it as soon as we can. A tip of the hat to Rudy!

[Source: VW Vortex]

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