1955 Bandini Siluro 750 – Click above for image gallery

When we think of lightness, our minds invariably track toward good old Colin Chapman. It's beyond arguing that the man spent a lifetime cranking out some of the world's most lightweight and well balanced cars, but creations like the Lotus 7 are downright rotund compared to the car you see above. It's a 1955 Bandini Siluro 750 cc, and if you have the means, it could very well be the most interesting thing in your garage.

By the time 1955 rolled around, Ilaro Bandini had been cranking out variations of his aluminum-bodied Siluro for around half a decade. The car began its life as a smaller, more lightweight interpretation of the old 1100 Siluro powered by a more compact 750cc four-cylinder engine with around 71 horsepower. Now, if you're thinking so few ponies sounds about as much fun as hopping into a pool of rusted fish hooks, keep in mind this winged phallus weighs a scant 750 pounds. No joke.

While alternatively powered examples spent their time racking up wins in various SCCA modified classes and went fender to fender in races like the Mille Miglia and the 12 Hours of Sebring, it was the wee 750 that was most true to the original formula. This particular example is going for a lofty $245,000 on eBay Motors and has numerous concourse accolades under its belt. Hop the jump for a few videos of the car motoring around.

[Source: eBay Motors]

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