Video: Green Overdrive presents insanely expensive home-brewed eco rides

DIY Eco Rides on Green Overdrive – Click above to watch video after the jump

Home-brewed concoctions run the gamut from spectacular to downright disgusting and no, we aren't talking about beer. Though we'd be happy to talk about our favorite brew for a minute or two, let's get to the point. Home-brewed eco rides can be well-packaged, thoroughly thought out marvels or just a mishmash of parts strewn together with no real cohesion or goal in sight. Thus, when you bring a bunch of homebrewers together, it's no surprise to end up with some really amazing beer eco rides and some that give you a good laugh.

In this week's episode of Green Overdrive, the guys over at Earth2Tech bring us just such a bunch of homebrews. From The Blackbird plug-in (formerly known as the CMT-380 microturbine car), to the biofuel-powered Benz, there's sure to be something that will whet your appetite for a cleaner car. As homebrewers unite to show off their insanely expensive eco conversions, we can't help but wonder if converting cars over to more eco-friendly rides is really worth the expense. Follow us after the jump to see what homebrewing is all about.

[Source: Earth2Tech]

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