Going on now in Washington, D.C.: testimony before the Full Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources regarding plug-in vehicles. Specifically, the hearing is about S. 3495, the Promoting Electric Vehicles Act of 2010, and is intended to "receive testimony on policies to reduce oil consumption through the promotion of accelerated deployment of electric-drive vehicles." Hey, that sounds like it could be important.
The witness list includes EDTA president Brian Wynne, Kathryn Clay, the director of research at the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and David Friedman, the research director at the Union of Concerned Scientists, among others. Friedman will say that S. 3495 and the House companion bill could "move electric drive technologies into the fast lane" and that both should be "updated to ensure they provide a level playing field for all electric drive vehicles and the necessary fueling infrastructure to support them."

You can watch the hearing live here. We'll keep an eye out for anything important that gets said. Expecting anything good?

[Source: UCS, EDTA]

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