BREAKING: Tesla shows future products in IPO road show, liquid-cooled motor and electronics

Tesla future models – Click above for more slides from the road show

The long-delayed initial public offering for Tesla Motors is expected to happen as early as next week. Naturally, then, company CEO Elon Musk now has to go out and sell it. One of the last steps before the stock's on-sale date is the Road Show, where executives go before the mavens of Wall Street to convince them of the value of the company.

Slide #19 of Musk's Powerpoint gives us the first glimpse of what might come after the Model S, which includes a cabriolet, van and crossover. All will be built on a common platform with the Model S and will mount the battery pack under the floor in a similar manner to the Nissan Leaf. The cabriolet, in particular, is quite the stunner and should provide a real competitor to the Fisker Karma Sunset.

Among the other changes that Musk revealed are liquid-cooled power electronics and motor starting with the Model S. While this will add to the cost and complexity of the powertrain, it should help improve the overall efficiency and overcome some of the limiting factors that were found late in the development of the Roadster. The full Tesla prospectus is available here and you can watch the Road Show here.

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