Rossi SixtySix fuses C6 technology with split-window Corvette style

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It's always refreshing to see a car move from rendering to real life. When we first laid our eyes on the Rossi SixySix, we were immediately smitten with the car's design. It promised to blend the hefty horsepower and handling prowess of the C6 Chevrolet Corvette with legendary looks of the '63-'67 Stingrays. That was nearly two years ago, and we had all but written the SixtySix off as nothing but a sexy piece of vaporware. According to CorvetteBlogger, we were wrong. The company has just finished all of the tooling necessary to bring the vehicle to life, and the first car will get an unveil this weekend at Detroit's EyesOn Design event.

The car has undergone a few changes on the road to reality, namely in the front end. We're not entirely smitten with the new nose design, but the rest of the car has stuck fairly close to the renderings we fell for not so long ago. Under the new bodywork, the drivetrain remains unmolested, and word is that the company can perform the whole conversion, including the cost of a brand-new C6 Corvette, for around $130,000. Yeah, it's good looking, but for that kind of money, one could conceivably lay his hands on a ZR1, or even a very drivable original '63 split-window.

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[Source: Rossi via CorvetteBlogger]

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