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The boys and girls at StopTech have taken the knife to the new BMW M3 – cutting unsprung weight and upping the horsepower to improve on the car's strong points. The company started by ditching the stock brake system and replacing it with – you guessed it – StopTech components. Up front, the car now wears forged aluminum six-piston calipers that clamp down on two-piece 15-inch rotors, while the rear has been treated to four-piston pieces that squeeze 14-inch discs. The company claims that the new hardware saves a total of 17.6 pounds of unsprung mass spread between the four corners.

The stock wheels were also sacrificed in favor of new rollers from APP. Even at 19 inches, they manage to be 3.3 pounds lighter per wheel than what came from the factory. StopTech then turned to Collaction AG Widnau to give the car's horsepower a mild bump. Final figures now sit at 450 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque, though neither company is saying exactly what went into making that happen. We're guessing a slight ECU reflash was part of the recipe.

The whole kit and caboodle was then wrapped in a special silver vinyl by CFC – a company that specializes in unique vehicle wraps. Tasty.

[Source: StopTech]

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