How fast can a battery-powered car travel the entire 16,000+ mile length of the Pan-American highway? We don't really know but it looks like we're going to find out. The Racing Green Endurance team, hailing from Imperial College London, are putting together an all-electric version of the Radical SR8 (now an SR0) to demonstrate to the world the possibilities of this powertrain. What better backdrop for such a spectacle than the world's longest highway? Ok, there is that Zero Emission Race around the world in 80 days that the team was to participate in, but apparently their plans have changed. Regardless, the road from Ushuaia, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska will not only provide plenty of beautiful vistas but also a dramatic range of topographical and climatic challenges that should make this expedition an interesting one to follow.

Their four-wheeled road-legal weapon of choice is an interesting one. Once completed, they calculate that the SR0 should be able to achieve a 242-mile (390 km) US EPA Highway Cycle range with 53 kWh's of generously-donated Thunder Sky lithium ion batteries. If the need for speed presents itself, the car can call upon 500 hp from its twin motors and should hit 60 mph in 7 seconds. Top speed will be limited to 124 mph. Given the open-cockpit nature of their ride and the route, we suggest they pack plenty of mittens, rain gear and sunscreen. Hit the jump for a nicely put together video presentation of the project.

[Source: Racing Green Endurance]

Racing Green Endurance - Trailer from Claudio von Planta on Vimeo.

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