Bugatti Veyron diamond-and-gold scale model even costlier than the real thing

1:18 scale Bugatti Veyron replica in solid gold – Click above for image gallery

How do you make the Bugatti Veyron – widely touted as the most expensive new production car in the world – even more costly? By miniaturizing it and forming it completely out of 24 karat gold and 7.2 carats worth of diamonds, naturally. Apparently, this pint-sized Bugatti replica is the work of Robert Gulpen of Munich & Stuart Hughes of Liverpool, and the result is a 1:18 scale Veyron that costs a reported £2 million ($2.93 million at today's exchange rates). Only three will be made.

Now, we don't want you to think we don't appreciate the engineering and detail that went into making this ultimate tribute to the diecast car, especially since this one comes complete with working hoods and steering, but if we were going to be spending that kind of coin on a Veyron, it would definitely be on a real one from the factory floor in Molsheim. That said, this golden supercar would look pretty darn great on our nightstand...

[Source: Stuart Hughes via Born Rich, Luxury and Lifestyles Ltd.]

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