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If there's one thing the auto world loves, it's a good tease. BMW has been happy to oblige this afternoon by dropping three photos of a new model fit just for U.S. consumption. Details are fittingly scarce, though the company does say that it will drop full details on the world come Thursday. Since we've been left to our own devices, how about a little rampant speculation to get the ball rolling? Judging from the front fascia, we're guessing the new car is gussied up M3. The smattering of M logos throughout the cabin leads us to believe that the new kid on the block will likely boast a more sporting pedigree than its brethren, and since the America-only 335is is already down the pike, another pepped up 3 Series wouldn't make much sense.

From the looks of things, there's definitely a dual-clutch cog box at play, though it's unclear if that will be the only option. Now the only question is whether the company will tweak the V8 found in the M3 or whether it will leave it alone and instead make other upgrades, and there's also the question of which bodystyle(s) the car will be available with, as the M3 is currently available in coupe, sedan, and convertible form. Keep your ears pinned back for more information later in the week. Until then, let your imagination run wild.

[Source: BMW]

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