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The first weekend in June is always circled on our calendar, because that's when the annual Greenwich Concours d'Elegance goes down in tony Greenwich, CT. So, instead of catching some rays at the beach, or mowing the lawn, or tending to the vegetable garden, we drop the top and head down Interstate 95 to spend the better part of two days gawking at cars exotic and otherwise, always ready for whatever surprises are on hand to add a little variety. Follow the jump for a quick recap of this year's show, after which you can hit the galleries to ogle the staggering variety of metal that the organizers assembled.
Day 1: American Cars


To fully appreciate the Greenwich Concours, you really need to attend both days. That's because the event is essentially two entirely different shows. Saturday always features American cars, and by the time you walk off the property, you'll figure that your life is incomplete until you own a Packard and you'll wonder why the phrase "V12 Lincoln" doesn't have a modern application. From a nifty Davis Divan 3-wheeler to the most beautiful '53 Buick Estate wagon we've ever laid eyes on, Day 1 is summed up in the selection of photos below.

Day 2: Foreign Cars


As good as Saturday's American showcase was, Sunday was even better. Not because it was about import marques, mind you - it was just... bigger. More people. More cars. And those cars included some heavy hitters. The Ferrari P4/5 was there, and owner James Glickenhaus casually accommodated fans' requests for closer looks, inviting people behind the ropes, opening the doors and engine cover for photos, and generally holding court like anybody with one of the popular cars at your local cruise night. Only this wasn't the Dairy Queen. Walking around, you were as likely to come across a really clean Fiat X 1/9 as you were a Maserati Birdcage. It was just that kind of day, and it was good. Eventually, the rains came, but not before we'd gotten our fill.

The Parking Lot

Rolls-Royce Shooting Brake

This is where the day begins and ends, and if the recession put a damper on your plans to attend the concours as a paying customer, you could do pretty well just by hanging out in the free public lot all day to see what showed up. As usual, there was much goodness to behold, ranging from Carriage House Motorcars' Rolls-Royce shooting brake -- the sister car to the one recently reacquired by Krug champagne, to one of the Shelby GT-H Mustang convertibles. On day two, we saw a pair of Evoras and a silver Ferrari California. Those and more are in the gallery below, and with that, we conclude our coverage of the 2010 Greenwich Concours. We'll be back next year, as always.

  • God Bless America
  • Volvo 242 GT? Yes, please.
  • The author's Mustang makes friends with a Riv.
  • Alex Roy was at the show in an official capacity: He was a judge.
  • That Krug Champagne shooting brake? Here's what you may not know: They made two. This is the other one. It belongs to Carraige House Motorcars in Greenwich. Not too shabby for a parts truck, eh?
  • Cool car, except for that mega-lame automatic transmission. This is what happens when no one drives stick.
  • Screw the CL. Give us one of these.
  • Plum Crazy
  • Two Evoras.
  • The Ferrari California, in a color your author feels makes it seem less like the world's most expensive Solara.
  • Quien es mas macho?
  • Ferrari 400i. All class.

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