Immaculate Volga's Cold War style elicits warm smiles

1976 Volga GAZ-24 - Click above for high-res image gallery

Sometimes, it's the unlikely stuff that gets the best reactions. At a show where the supercar circle boasted the likes of a Schuppan 962CR and James Glickenhaus' Ferrari P4/5, across the field, car of decidedly more modest origin was cultivating an equally-delighted group of fans for itself. Yes, it is the opposite of a supercar, but this '76 Volga GAZ-24 was easily one of the highlights of the show, if you ask us.

Wedged between a grey Facel Vega coupe and a delectable Citroen DS, the deep red Volga was beautifully turned out, with blinding whitewall tires, velour-accented seats, neat logo mudflaps, airbrushed hammer-and-sickle art on the hood, and probably the most appropriate vanity plates ever. The car was even wore its own fur hat.

When we asked the owner to open the hood for us so we could grab a quick photo, he apologetically said, "Oh, there's not much to see," as he lifted it to reveal the clean inline-four. "Besides, if I keep it open, no one can see the artwork!" Smiles all around as folks gathered to ogle this Cold War curiosity, which you're just about as likely to see on the road as any of the exotics that were parked a few hundred feet away. In its own way, it's every bit as cool.

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