Chinese students assemble Bugatti Veyron from used cigarette packs

Bugatti Veyron replica made from recycled cigarette packs – Click above for image gallery

Is there anything more environmentally friendly than recycling? Well, perhaps not using so much raw material in the first place, but at least recycling is a major step in the right direction. In any case, students from Xi'an University in China decided it was high time to do something constructive with all those used cigarette packs that clog the world's trash heaps... and construct something they did.

Using a total of 10,280 empty cigarette packs, the students assembled something that kinda-sorta looks like a Bugatti Veyron. It reportedly weighs over 660 pounds and is powered by an electric motor. Though the machine doesn't really appear to have much purpose in life, it was used to raise awareness for World No Smoking Day, which apparently came and went on May 31st. Check it out in the image gallery below... we'd say the project was – *ahem* – a smoking success!

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[Source: Eco Friend]

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