Australian police hope to attract stares with Alfa MiTo cruiser

NSW Police-spec Alfa Romeo MiTo – Click above for high-res image gallery

If your aim in choosing a new car is to get noticed, there's no shortage of attention-grabbing wheels to pick from, but few cars get noticed as quickly as a police cruiser. Sure, the flashing lights and blaring sirens might help, but not as much as the looming threat of being ticketed. Still, Australia's New South Wales police department seems to think it needs some help getting noticed.

That's precisely why Sydney-area law enforcement has taken delivery of an Alfa Romeo MiTo. Noticeably bereft of emergency lighting, the MiTo will be used for community outreach and safety awareness programs. Whether the wee Alfa will prove more effective in its assignment than a Hummer H3 or Holden Commodore remains to be seen, but it might help the authorities catch up with the next F1 champion who tries spinning donuts on city streets.

[Source: Car Advice via eurocarblog]

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