Stop us if you've heard this one. GM's Australian-based arm is looking to send its Holden Commodore to the United States. Right, um, that's the Pontiac G8, right? Actually, no, it's dead. And it may not be a Chevy either, depending on how you read the report from, which quotes GM chief Fritz Henderson as saying, "We've been working on a package for police applications. I just think that's going to work. We're pretty optimistic about it and that product will be sourced in Australia."

We'll put in an unsolicited vote for sending the cars to the U.S. exactly as they roll off the assembly line in Oz, complete with a Holden crest on the front fascia. Why fix what isn't broken? One thing is for certain: Unless you happen to wear a badge and drive around in a black-and-white Crown Vic for your day job, you probably won't have access to one of the Australian sedans, which, as you surely know by now, is a downright shame.

We're sure that police officers in the United States and Canada will appreciate another modern V8-powered, rear-wheel drive sedan platform just as much as anyone else, but we still wish The General was able to find a way to keep this vehicle in American showrooms and available to the public.


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